Lag spike with multi-shot/GSE

I am having an issue where I get a huge lag spike if I use multi-shot in a GSE macro. I can use multi on its own and spam and get no lag. Is this a known issue? Anyone have a fix?

I was having this exact same issue ever since the release of the Antorus raid during legion. Everything ran as smooth as could be until the moment I cast multi-shot, then it suddenly started getting so choppy that it almost felt as if the game was gonna lock up, and back to normal soon as I stop using it. Can’t remember if it was only in raids or if it also happened in smaller groups as well.

Please update if you find any more info or a fix.

I use multi-shot on a separate button and just spam it for aoe with the macro running and i don’t get any lag spikes at all. I have tried the modifier route but never had any luck that way.