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Some people have said that you cant use fire breath etc in macros. in my experience that isnt the case at all. All of the empowered attacks work fine. you have to set your empowered to click and not hold though or it wont work. once that happens, They work in macros. I have mine set to [combat,@cursor]. the downside is that there is no real way to control how much it gets empowered while inside a macro. It fires off at 1 to 3 empowerment, seemingly at random for me.
I dont have hover in the macro because I use that myself.


This macro comes in 3 parts. EVO_DEV and 2 others. for it to work you have to create icons for all 3 Macros. but ONLY PUT EVO_DEV on your bar. I use action targeting, but if you dont like that feel free to add a Targetenemy to the rotation macro keypress.



Talents: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.20.



Talents: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.20.



Talents: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.20.

Here is the Import code for my Talent Build


what ms are you running it at

Tested on 100ms software Razer Synapse

I always run at 250ms

Import error. Can you post SS of the talent build, please? or get an updated code?

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Putting Dev_Evo on the bar might be incorrect as it doesn’t work for me however if I use Dev_Evo_Rotation the macro works just fine. Thanks for the post!

Dev_EVO_Rotation shouldnt be on a bar. Just create an Icon for it. Create an icon for all 3 macros. the only macro that goes on your bar is Dev_evo

That’s why I posted that it’s the opposite for me - Dev_Evo just shows a question mark and does nothing when I try to use it on my bar. However, Dev_Evo_Rotation shows the spells as it’s icon and goes through the rotation.

EDIT: After playing around further I can say that Dev_Evo does in fact work. It was because of my stupidity that I wasn’t making it work earlier. Forgive my ignorance!

You can, measure with clicks or msec.

Your macro has given me an idea, can i try tweak it? if succesfull i will MP to you .


*edit, got mine working, might edit it to remove fire breath for manual use hots

I played around with the MS using this macro last night and found that 100 ms worked best for me. 250 was a bit too slow and there were times that it seemed it was doing nothing. I went as low as 50 ms and then found that I’d only get level 1 empowerment but at 100 I was getting level 3.

100 msec? wait a moment thats impossible

how the hell are you able to, with click pause 100msec if you are reaching 2 or 3 charges.

825-850 msec is the sweet spot for click pause.


Perhaps it is - I’ve no idea. I can tell you that last night I had my ms set to 250 when I started using this macro and noticed quite a few pauses in the sequence. I did notice that at 250 ms I’d get level 3 empowerment. I decided to lower the ms in the macro as Dev wrote it - I didn’t add any pauses or whatever myself - I just simply lowered the ms to 200, then 150 then 100, then 50, etc. At 50 I managed to only get level 1 empowerment so I went back to 100 where I would get level 3. Perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying, I’m not sure.

shattering star is a vital dmg dealing ability. why is it not in your rotation? @flashgreer

just like other macros. there are times when it does not fire anything. is it because if enpower? like it does good dps and then just stops casting. also fire breath and essence sometmes missfires and it repeats it again somtimes again and again

Saubere Arbeit, bei mir läuft das einwandfrei, Danke

Ok, This one Works, it really works no kidding. Follow the instructions, this is the best one I have tried. GREAT work and thank you

Just now I ran My Drac Dps , I seem to be getting roughly about the same as my Hunter.

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This is something afix, evoker dps is higher than sims ( tried raidbots and askmrobot )

Very strange in general isnt it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is shattering star the other empowered ability? If so, i dont talent into it. It might be less damage, but its also one less spot for the macro to fail. To me the trade off is worth it.