Learning to Macro

My issue with other macros is that Multi Shot does not fire off before Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire all the time, and there are times when Multi Steady and Steady Shot would fire off too much.

I am trying to make my own macro for MM and I thought it would be easier (for me) to break the macro up in parts as I am new to GSE macro.
If there is a way to combine into 1 or 2 macro, that would be great.

What I would do is to use MAIN macro follow by either macro 1 or macro 2.

Would welcome any suggestion as to how I can make it better.

I have the following:

MAIN Macro:
Sequential - Loop 1
/cast [nochanneling,talent:2/3,@target] Explosive Shot
/cast [nochanneling,@cursor,talent:7/3,combat] Volley
/cast [nochanneling] Multi-Shot

Macro 1:
Priority - Loop 1
/cast Aimed Shot
/cast Steady Shot

Macro 2:
Priority - Loop 1
/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Steady Shot

Macro 2 is what I’d pick because it’s extremely important not to cap AS by keeping it below two charges at all times for Single Target but on the other hand if you’re in a Multi-Target situation where it is important like M+'s or Torghast then Macro 1 should be the preferred macro.