Leavaris Moonkin Macro - SL [May 1 2021]


Usage Information

All your major CDs are done manually.
spam the macro for Wrath > Lunar then spam the macro with a mod of ALT for starfire > Solar.
Will keep Moonfire and Sunfire on target and Starfall with 2 starsurge before repeating the cycle.

One button, One mod.

WeakAuras I didnt include as I didnt make them but you cna find them here :

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.51.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Rebirth, Moonkin Form

Main Sequence: Moonfire, Starsurge, Sunfire, Starfire, Wrath, Starfall

My Discord: https://discord.gg/MsqUt4Z
My YouTube: http://youtube.com/Leavaris
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Really like this one, thank you. Ideal for most scenarios i think.
I added /cast [combat] Celestial Alignment in the keyrelease part and my covenant ability in the sequence also to make it a bit more fire and forget (which i like).

For pure bossfights in new content raids (single target) im going to make a copy of this macro and remove the Starfall. Thats the only scenario where i would change this one a bit.
Maybe adding a shift modifier to do Moon and Sunfire manually also, not sure yet if thats worth it.

Thanks for this one, so simple and effective, really well done.


Lazy is the word u are looking for hehe



thank you :smiley: Glad you like it.

I have a guardian one as well

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hello I have separated the macros into 2 lunar and solar versions as using modifier is too cumbersome to play so I left the original solar macro and made a copy in lunar using another macro in order to press the relative macro based on the exclixes.

In first place: thank you very much for this Macro!

I’ve also separated them into 2 Versions. 1 for Wrath and 1 for Starfire. Also I’ve removed Rebirth from the whole Macro.

Right now it looks like this
/castsequence [mod:shift, nochanneling] reset=combat/target Starfall; Moonfire, Sunfire, Starsurge, Starsurge
/cast [nochanneling] Wrath

Hence when I press shift it will go on casting Wrath/Starfire but then use Starfall instead of Starsurge since Starfall should only be used for 2+ targets, afaik.

Yet though I’m also thinking about doing a alt/ctrl mod for Starsurge just in case the Macro spamms either Wrath or Starfire too often instead of using Starsurge.

Kind regards

I believe that the top dps is to have 2 separate macros in fact lunar and soalar, and to use 100% starsurge, so I would say that the macros are excellent but they must always use starsurge instead often delay while to do aoe it is good to have it integrated, but dps is not is it optimal how could you make a macro aoe?

then the only thing to do to be able to fully exploit the dps for the eclipse phases and have 100% optimal rotation is as from the tests performed to do 2 macros like this:
macro solar
/ cast starsurge
/ cast wrath
lunar macro
/ cast starsurge
/ cast starfire
3 macro dot
/ castsequence solar fire, lunar fire

in this way, in addition to getting the precise dots back when you want, you can take advantage of the relative eclipse phase at full capacity by boosting coldow with starsurge. unfortunately for the dots directly in macros it is a waste of time and astral power and they are often reactivated when there are even 15 seconds left to expire.
for aoe it is to use starfall with 3 mobs up i oh oc created a macro just for trivial aoe
/ cast [@player] starfall
/ castsequence solar fire, lunar fire
I only need it to upgrade aoe, the only problem is to have astral power to enter it immediately which is difficult because either you expect alignment at 50 and sacrificing some spell to get to use it

hi nice macro was wondering if you could make it so you take starsurge and starfall out of main macro and put them on modifiers ? i tried to but couldnt get it to work