LEGION’s ASSASSINATION ROGUE - UPDATED TALENTS - Patch 10.1.7 (Updated 17/09/23)

So kind of you to take the time to write a detailed troubleshoot. I truly appreciate it. I figured out what the issue was and its something i should have caught from the start…my trinkets were throwing off an error one in particular …I missed it before because I knew I had the trinkets unchecked however I hadnt realized that you had added the trinkets to the macro…after I removed the 13 & 14 it this macro drives like a dream and off we go to the LFR…lol so step 6 user error definitely applied. I dont use recount but I can tell by how much threat she pulls that we are doing decent damage! Thank you so much again!

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Update - Tweaked the main sequence slightly. Changed the OPENER sequence to be more in-line with the new talents.

Kazzara LFR damage (ilvl 424) - Full buffs and food except Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power.

single just works, any updates on multi-target ? thx!

Working on it, got a rough draft going at the moment though.

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Yours, is an Excelent Update !

Waiting to see the AOE rotation with same talents .