LEGION’s RET PALADIN - UNCHANGED Pre- Tier31 Set Bonus - Patch 10.2 (Updated 30/11/23)

I’ll write a little guide on the original post on how to use the macro effectively. The reason there’s modifiers for the different cooldowns is because if you just have them being pressed automatically in a macro without modifiers then the cooldowns go off at different times and if they don’t line up properly then your execution sentence does practically no damage if it’s not lined up with wings properly. It’s not as complex as it looks once you understand it. The cooldown timing windows line up nicely so you only have to press modifiers every 30 seconds and 1 minute.

I have a question. Im pressing shift for the final reckoning and it doesnt work. I need to change settings in the ElvUI ? and what setting?

Are you pressing shift once or holding it down until the spell casts at your cursor?

Im holding shift and it doesnt work. Also when i switch to Execution again it doest work
The ALT modifers it works in both single and aoe

Check your keybinds to make sure you don’t have shift+whatever hotkey you press for the macro bound to some other function. Are other macros with shift modifiers working for you?

can i put the shift abilitys to the alt modifer with the other abilitys?

Not the final reckoning because you need to have it in it’s own block with @cursor or @player. I found it doesn’t work well putting it with the others on the same modifier.

Have you tried the ST macro. Does the shift modifier in that fire off the OPENER as intended? I gotta work out if it’s the modifier or the spell that’s causing issues.

It was a setting in the Elvui that causes the problem. You need to disable all auto modifers in the elvui!!

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How you do that, I am having the same problem

Go to ActionBars at elvui in the general Tab. At the bottom uncheck all boxes at casting and in Mouseover Cast Key, Focus Cast Key and Self Cast Key select NONE. Also dont uncheck the Auto Self Cast

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Also go in the Keybinds and delete all the defualt keybinds in has the game and use only the one you want!!!

Jo @LEGION_MACROS any update to 4pc 10.2 <3 Really like your work here

I’m recently back from my break and over the next week will slowly be updating each of my macros.

Thanks for letting me know you like my macros though. It helps the motivation :slight_smile:


That’s ok, I take no offence.

If you want to just use the macro without having to time the cooldowns then you have 2 options for a solution.

  1. Simply don’t press any modifier keys and ignore them.
  2. Open the macro and remove those lines you don’t like. Then you can press them manually at your leisure.

If you want to still use the ctrl, alt, shift modifiers then just change the spell from the dps cooldowns to something else.

If you arnt familiar with GSE and don’t know how to do that then I can help next time I’m on my PC. Just reply on here with the option you want and if its option 2 then let me know the spells youd rather have on the modifier keys.


Just the top one. Then refer to my last post.

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No problem, happy to see the community doing well in the game.

So i made a weak aura to go with your macro. it is pretty basic but It works and should help people that have not used this style of macro before.

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I have been leveling using the AOE+ Mythic plus macro since I left my level 30 Pali years ago and it works but my dps is low. I was using another one of your macros my my warlock, but I needed a change because my damage was too low. I am no means savvy with computers, or in Wow and most of this is just too technical to me. I have issues with my hands so i am very happy for the work you have done here but i need some help please., I am doing my best trying to figure out this. I am not worried about doing top dps just want to hold my own in dungeons and with friends.
I bought a razor Devarajas K556RGB hoping I could get it to repeat these macros on press and release but I haven’t been successful on achieving this. The software is really bad., I can just get it to repeat pre programmed repetitions for say 6 key strokes in a row until the process auto completes. There isnt a feature like a rapid fire that I can assign to a key to use these macros at 100ms so i am stuck hitting the 1 key for aoe macro and 2 for st. With my disability i can do this for maybe 10 minutes slowely before i am in pain. I am hoping this keyboard is able to use this macro properly. If not please let me know an affordable alternative feyboard or mouse you reccomend. Also thank you for your work to help others with disabilities. I had to stop playing years ago, and this really helps me to reconnect with friends, but I feel bad holding back the group with my dps. Merry Christmas God bless.

Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you were able to find my macros and they help with your disability.

I’m not too sure my macros are the best for leveling purposes. So that’s why you will notice your dps isnt the greatest. I created them and tested them at max level only. I would suggest using one of Elfyau’s macros for leveling then switching to mine at max level.

For the razor keyboard there should be software called razor synapse. If you open that up and select your keyboard. Then go to macros and create a new one and insert a keystroke that you wish to spam. Select the delay of 100ms which is 0.1sec. Save the macro, assign it to a key on the keyboard. There should be a drop down below the drop down to select the macro. Select continuous repeat until pressed again and this should press the hotkey in the macro an unlimited amount until you stop it by pressing the assigned key again.

Hope this helps. If not I can explain it better once I’m on my PC again next.