LEGION’s RET PALADIN - UPDATED TALENTS - Patch 10.1.7 (Updated 12/09/23)

I’ll write a little guide on the original post on how to use the macro effectively. The reason there’s modifiers for the different cooldowns is because if you just have them being pressed automatically in a macro without modifiers then the cooldowns go off at different times and if they don’t line up properly then your execution sentence does practically no damage if it’s not lined up with wings properly. It’s not as complex as it looks once you understand it. The cooldown timing windows line up nicely so you only have to press modifiers every 30 seconds and 1 minute.

I have a question. Im pressing shift for the final reckoning and it doesnt work. I need to change settings in the ElvUI ? and what setting?

Are you pressing shift once or holding it down until the spell casts at your cursor?

Im holding shift and it doesnt work. Also when i switch to Execution again it doest work
The ALT modifers it works in both single and aoe

Check your keybinds to make sure you don’t have shift+whatever hotkey you press for the macro bound to some other function. Are other macros with shift modifiers working for you?

can i put the shift abilitys to the alt modifer with the other abilitys?

Not the final reckoning because you need to have it in it’s own block with @cursor or @player. I found it doesn’t work well putting it with the others on the same modifier.

Have you tried the ST macro. Does the shift modifier in that fire off the OPENER as intended? I gotta work out if it’s the modifier or the spell that’s causing issues.

It was a setting in the Elvui that causes the problem. You need to disable all auto modifers in the elvui!!

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How you do that, I am having the same problem

Go to ActionBars at elvui in the general Tab. At the bottom uncheck all boxes at casting and in Mouseover Cast Key, Focus Cast Key and Self Cast Key select NONE. Also dont uncheck the Auto Self Cast

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Also go in the Keybinds and delete all the defualt keybinds in has the game and use only the one you want!!!