hey mate the macro has halo but the talents for the aoe dosent have it

TRying this at the traing dummys but it says something about being next to dragonflight oath ston and I seem to be casting somthing but all i am doing is stompping my foot and killing myself?

Do you have a trinket that requires a Oath Stone like [Ominous Chromatic Essence] maybe its asking for it, maybe turn off trinket.

Uncheck both the trinket boxes down the bottom when you open the macro to edit it.

Also make sure you arnt attacking the tanking dummy.

I was attacking the cluster of dummies i think labeled Cleve or something like that
I will look and se if its a trinket issue thanks for the reply

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ms click rate from settings was to do with the ms also?

Nah the ms click rate is for internal macro stuff. The ms you are pressing the macro is separate.

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thanks but this ms has to do with gse and how it works right?

How gse works with this specific macro and the timings of the pauses i put in the sequence.

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my trinkets are off and i still just seem to stand in palce and onlying doing dam to myself

Untick every item box on the macro.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 120555
Screenshot 2024-01-10 120606
Im taking that as an overall good macro havnt changed anything as is at 424ILVL in a 13 WCM
Great work legion

Something seems to have changed since yesterday, It was working fine yesterday, but today it just hangs the only thing that changed is I now have Belor’relos, the suncaller and Nymue’s unraveling spindle trinkets. I have debug messages, but I do not know where they are stored to be able to post them here.

Screenshot 2024-01-12 074543
are trinkets ticked ?or unticked

if they are ticked untick them and see how that goes

Macro is doing nothing but auto attack for me ???

Seems to be a few issues with this macro at the moment. Might have to take it down or suggest people don’t use it until I get back to the game from my rl stuff.

No current future plans to update this macro. Sorry for anyone using it waiting for an update. I am focusing on other macros at the moment.

Ive been using your macro all during dragonflight pushing high keys m+ really runs smooth. is there a raid version for single target?

what is in this thread is all there is. it covers raid and mythics

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Sorry I haven’t been working on macros for a while or replying on here because I’ve been enjoying MOP Remix too much. But I just finished purchasing the last thing you can buy with Bronze and I’m hardcapped on stats so I’m free again. But I’ll be waiting for War Within to continue working on macros again.