LF Assn macro with new add on

with the introduction of Gnome Sequencer - User Interface Add-ons - WoW Lazy Macros
im hoping that all these swap bar macros will go away, if any one wants to tackle a new assn macro its be awesome

this is what i am using at the moment .rogues are glitchy right now with sometimes stealth abilities not working

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=target Mutilate,Slice and Dice,Feint,null
/castsequence Mutilate,Mutilate,Rupture,Mutilate,Mutilate,Envenom
/castrandom [combat]Cloak of Shadows
/castrandom [combat]Combat Readiness
/castrandom [combat]!Vendetta
/castrandom [combat]!Dispatch

hey kaj i just posted an assassin sequence in the post you linked give it a go :smiley: