Live Q&A Friday Feb 5/Sat Feb 6

This Friday/Saturday depending on where you are in the world I will be hosting a live Q&A. This is your opportunity to ask any question. GSE Patrons will have the priority and be able to ask questions verbally but I will answer as many questions as people want to ask.

  • Friday night 9:30pm New York Time,
  • 6:30pm California Time,
  • Saturday 1pm Adelaide Time
  • 12:30am London Time

Come and join me! Twitch


This is tomorrow or later today wherever you may happen to be

its confusing cause it says Friday Feb 2/Sat Feb 3
but friday is feb 5 and sat feb 6

typo on my part - its what happens when im tired

This is starting now Twitch

Question asked on Variables and GSE3 - the highlight