Lock up when using GSE

when i go to open guild pane or covenant pane it freezes up the game for a sec and it only happens when i use gse , any help would be great :wink: oh but if i open them again right after no lock ups

any ideas , any other people having same issue ?

Do you have a lot of unused macros added into GSE?

The only true way to figure out if GSE is causing this is to disable ALL Addons except for GSE and see if it continues. If it continues then (which I’m sure you have) post the problem on Tim’s GitHub page to see if he can replicate the problem. If he can’t then he can’t fix it.

pretty sure i mention i did that, but thx

I know when I open up my Covenant it get a bit of hesitation for a couple of seconds but I also run 48 Addons. Not too worried, it’s not game breaking.

yeah your right , thanks for support