Lock Ups my UI for Hunter Macros


I have noticed that all the macros posted on her for all classes work well, but when it comes to any hunter macro after a while they stop working and click anything on the action bar does not work. Any ideas what can cause this?

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I have had this issue with my Druid when healing. My UI essentially locks up and I can’t even hit any buttons on my action bar. Reloading the UI sometimes works but I usually have to exit the game client and restart the client. It’s annoying when I have to do this in an instance and I’m healing. I do have a number of addons, so I have to believe that GSE isn’t getting along with one of the addons I have. I just don’t know how to narrow it down to figure out what is causing the lockup. I’m hoping someone on the forums can shed some light on this and help us out!

Edit: I should let you know, I can still move my character around but everything on the action bar is unclickable

alot of the macros have the necklace in it. suggest uncheck marking the necklace or removeing it from the macro. hope that fixes it

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