Looking for an overall macro

first of all this has been my play style for a while as i only have one working hand, and have been playing wow for over 8 years, and have never used a mouse (yes you read right) but i had been playing for a while with old macros from Enix and DV8 from a long time ago but just gave up with frustration but I’m now back in the game, and I’m limited to what one hand can reach button wise. I’ve looked into an azeron game pad but that won’t be coming for a while, so does anyone have a macro that i can easily use that gives me decent dps considering I’m not using a mouse. i dont want to give up playing world of warcraft due to my disability but I’m asking for some help. i mostly do mythic keys the odd raid, I’m kyrian covenant and ill be looking for aoe and single target options if possible.

please dont be judging as my dominant hand is the one i can’t use so its not that easy to be learning things from scratch when i have played the game so long from a keyboard easily until this happened.

thanks in advance for your help :slightly_smiling_face: