Lookng for Boomkin 5.4.8

Does anyone have a few boomkin macros?? Thanks in advance!!! :slight_smile:

/castsequence reset=0 0,0,Starfall
/castsequence reset=0 0,Starsurge
/castsequence [mod:alt]Wrath;reset=target/4 Moonfire,Sunfire,Starfire,Starfire,Starfire,Starfire

i got this from a friend but i don’t know if it works properly…
i don’t get what the alt is?

does anyone have a decent pve Macro for simple rotation? and AoE?
and is it possible to put a spell like hurricane in a macro ( cause it has a target area?).
does anyone have also a good panicmacro for boomkin?
sorry many questions but …love the druid only it’s not that easy?