Macro is skipping over KEY abilities

Hi, I’m trying to make a macro that does one specific thing: Cast a certain spell/attack, and then ONLY cast another certain spell/attack after that.

I am a Brewmaster Monk, and one of our level 100 talent choices is called “Blackout Combo”. When using our “Blackout Strike” spell, then next spell we use is empowered.

Its very versatile, but the most optimal use is to use “Tiger Palm” afterwards, since, when empowered, it does 200% increased damage.

I tried creating my own macro, using Priority List, in this fashion:

/cast Keg Smash
/castsequence Blackout Strike, Tiger Palm
/cast [combat] Breath of Fire
/castsequence Ironskin Brew, Rushing Jade Wind

What this SHOULD do (or what I’m wanting it to do), is cast Keg Smash on-CD, and then cast Blackout Strike, followed by Tiger Palm. Afterwards, it should go through the list, and cast Breath of Fire, Ironskin Brewm and Rushing Jade Wind, ONLY if Blackout Strike is on CD. (Blackout Strike has a 3 second CD, not affected by haste).

It doesn’t work at all. Initial cast will have KegSmash, then Tiger Punch, Followed by Blackout Strike, then Breath of Fire. After the inital cast, it starts to work a little better, doing Blackout Strike and Tiger palm, but then eventually it starts casting Blackout Strike, and then will randomly cast either Keg Smash or Breath of fire, resulting in a MAJOR DPS loss.

I have tried various macros that other people have posted on this site, but they all mess up in this regard.

What can I do to ENSURE that when a certain spell is cast, another certain spell will ALWAYS cast behind it, with no other spells inbetween?

You cant make a sequencer that will cast only a certain spell followed by another GSE is not written to do that it looks for 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 so on and so forth. You will need to make a regular macro to handle those such things but then you run into the problem that if the first spell isn’t up it will lock up.

Can I incorporate other macros (non-gse) into a GSE Macro?

Or can I make a GSE Macro for the Blackout Strike > Tiger Palm Macro, and then reference it into a GSE macro?

the only way you can do this and you dont need GSE for it, is to make a single Cast sequence.
/castsequence reset=combat X, Y, Z,…
the downside is you cant weave anything else to fire on CD in the meantime. but it will Cast one after the other in order and hang at each ability until it is able to be used via CD or resources