Macro isn't working with the latest update 3.0.47

Macros worked fine yesterday till I updated to the latest GSE and now they don’t work at all. Nothing happens when I try to use them and I’ve had others say the same. What changed that may affect macros this way?

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I would suggest maybe looking at the release notes:

Hint click on one of the #1035 links on 3.0.47

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same problem … sometime it’s work, sometime not …
reload and restart are working sometimes !

@TimothyLuke can you explain what you mean by taking a look in the changelog ?

i can’t see anything really revelent…

If you have a solution, i take it with pleasure :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up - I was able to get them to work by adding them to my key bar.

You don’t have to add them to the bar, just create the icon.

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Thanks TimothyLuke - appreciate the help.