Macro limit message

I seem to be the PITA today. I imported a macro into one of my alts and tried to create an icon and drag to the action bar. I received the message about 18 macros per “character”. I have a lot of toons because I level alts and farm and quest while others do raids/dungeons.

Anyway - on this particular character / alt, I only have two macros. I even went into GSE on some other alts and deleted some macros but still the same message on this one alt in particular.

Any thoughts on that?

Thank you in advance!

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Don’t know about you but I used GOOGLE ( or I could’ve used that magnifying glass looking thing which just might be a search feature above) and found the answer immediately and I’m feeling generous:

Timothy Luke:
GSE can store an unlimited number of macros. However to be able to use a macro it needs a stub in the /macro interface. This is why you have the create icon / delete icon buttons in the Viewer and why active ones have a ? icon instead of a blue book. Each character can store 18 personal macros and at an account level you can store 120. GSE adds macros to the personal character tab first as you dont often want your pally macro on a druid. It stops adding at 17 to be safe. There is an option on the GSE Options to use Account level macros instead so you would be chewing up the 120 instead of the characters 18.

Well…hey, thanks for your “generosity”. You could have just skipped on by if you felt that way.

The thing is…I only have two (2) macros on this particular alt and nowhere near 120 on the account. Soo…

And, just for the record - I actually did do a search and found Timothy’s post about deleting the icon, which I did on 2-3 other alts and was still unable to create the icon and still received the message on the alt I was working with.

Soo…yeah, thanks for the generosity. Seriously, I appreciate this website and the macros that people put their effort into creating and allowing others to use. But, keep the snark.

Have a great evening.

And just how was I to assume you used Google or the WLM Search feature? Lemme re-read your post…Nope, nothing mentioned.
As for what I posted doesn’t mention anything about deleting any macros…

Did my quote of Mr. Luke work? You should post the result as someone else who could be having the same problem might be fixed unless when you posted your problem on the Discord channel it might’ve already been answered by someone who can type faster than me.

Just checked Discord and I didn’t see anything regarding your question there-I might’ve scrolled past it or overlooked it.

The thing to note is that there are on 18 “Character” Macros. This is a Blizzard Limit not a GSE limit. When you look at /macro there are two tabs. It defaults to showing you the Account macro tab and you have to select the character tab. GSE uses the character tab as most macros are class specific. There is an option to overflow is you need more than 18 macros for a specific character.


Hello there @stefan-von-dollen

For a few weeks, i have heard of an addon called mega macro, that separates all the specs from a class:

  1. 60 global macros

  2. 30 per-class macros

  3. 30 per-specialization macros

  4. 8 per-character macros

  5. 10 per-character per-specialization macros

Havent tried with GSE, but it could suit your needs.


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Thanks Timothy & IIoskka. That was the help I needed. I’ll take a look at the addon mentioned. As far as limits though, what was confusing is that I don’t have anywhere near that number of macros account total nor character specific. I’d add one new macro and couldn’t create the icon and even if I deleted 2-3 macros (not just the icon, but the whole macro) it still wouldn’t allow me to create the icon for the newly added on. Just not sure what the issue was / is.

But, you’ve given me something to look at and also I’ll try out the addon.

Thank you both again. Appreciate the response and the help!

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Seperate what’s in GSE from macros. In GSE you have. Series of templates from which GSE creates a macro and has WoW execute it. In order to “Create Icon” it creates a stub macro in the /macro interface. This is where the limit is.

If you don’t create space here at the character level or choose to overflow into Using the Account level 120 macros you will not be able to “Create Icon”. If that icon can’t be created the secret sauce that makes GSE work won’t setup that macro . That other addon won’t help as GSE looks specifically for a stub macro that corresponds with that specific template in /macro and if it doesn’t exist GSE doesn’t initialise that macro template.