Macro needed, wanted and i might create

  1. if i want 4 or 5 dot macro for pvp and thats it. new target 5 dots etc… can someone make it for me?
  2. when i create macro… it has record macro option. if i fire of the 5 spells will it make it for me automacally as i dont understand all the commands.
  3. lastly are people using these affil macros if so how are they?
  1. Mouse over, do not even have to target, also you do not need GSE for that, you can put into the normal macros in WOW.

/castsequence [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead] [nochanneling] reset=target Agony,Corruption,Siphon Life

  1. It should work like that, yep.

  2. For questing, farming it is fine. For other content quite bad. Very far from sim numbers or optimal rotation.

please mate, i love what u just said.

i want to spam the 1 key for dots only in pve or pvp.

so forget mosue over… shall i just go /castsequence reset=target spell, spell, spell, spell?

what are the right commands?

i found it. /castsequence reset=target spell spell spell spell etc.

how do i get the spell icon to show each time i press macro. agoney corruption etc… i want there icons to show.

Honestly I have zero clue, but if I have to pull it from my ass it is done by GSE, as it basicly puts your macros together. I am not sure if it works for castsequence macro too.

As with reset=target the castsequence should reset it will start from the beginning and proceed trough the order as it is in the macro.

I just look at the weakauro plater which dots are up.

try putting

/castsequence reset=target spell spell spell spell etc