Macro writing guide

With the recent changes in 6.0 WOD it seems as though nobody has “the right answer”. Due to different styles of playing, one persons macro won’t quite do it for another gamer. We all have our builds and fighting styles and this has been my issue. From macro to macro they all have their strong points and weakness’s but I just can’t seem to find “the one”… I’ve been able to make little subtle changes on my own to commands and the order of things in macro’s I have found here, but at this point I am more interested in just learning to write my own from scratch.
Is there a 6.0 based guide out there that teaches such a thing? The language, structure, sequences, priorities etc? Because the “How to” forum doesn’t have what I was looking for. I see more of the same questions I viewed in the rest of the forums and not a real complete “How To” at all. Please post your guides or links to Peranolde that the community at large can all benefit and perhaps find their own answers if the other posts are lacking in a specific area.

Thanks ahead of time for any useful feedback or contributions. :wink:


I honestly don’t know why it says Peranolde in there… Ignore that lol :wink:

Well the latest thing right now is this new addon called Gnome Sequencer.

While it seems with the same vibe as the old 0’s in the macro before the WOD release? I am just very wary of using it. As its an addon and not a macro per se. Before people get one on me here. Its still an addon. NOT A MACRO! It may still be using the same principles if you was playing with a macro? But there is still a slight risk involved.

I am giving it some time to see how that pans out before I ever even think using it.

In answer to your question, No…Unfortunately you are correct. Far I know, There is no real right way of getting one done right now. I think its on the forum somewhere from along time ago of one of the moderators explaining how to do it. May to just have to search around and find it.

Right now, Our gear is in blues and a few epics and no set bonuses yet and all that. Some macros work better than others and other people cant even get one to work at all. I am playing a lock, Before WOD using the same macro I was padding the meters? Now I can barely break 10k at times. Its gonna be a uphill climb right now for a month or 2 and us get some gear from the new instances.

Its just gonna take some time before things get to how they was I guess . We just gonna have to be patient unfortunately…