Macros for lvl 20 alts?

Are there any macros here I can use from level 20 to max level? If not what level is recommended to start using the macros listed here?

Its been my experience that you can use any macro at any level. All that happens at lower levels is that the character doesn’t have the ability to be used so the macro skips it/them until it hits the ones you do have. So for example, if you’re leveling a BM hunter, you should be able to use any BM hunter macro. It may not run at its best due to missing abilities but it will still work. I use all the same macros for my toons regardless of their level and never have any issues.

Thanks for the info. I guess I will fire up my baby hunter and give it a shot!

Just be careful on priority macros because my understanding is those will Lock up if you dont have a particular spell.

Whereas a sequential macro will just carry on through the macro without locking up.

I could be wrong though but that’s my understanding

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true, but a lot of people do not realize that most macros are made for max level, if you are a low level it will break the macro. not sure why but it happens. if you do not have the ability the macro suppose to skip that spell and that is how its suppose to work but clearly it does not and i believe its the way macros are made and it just get hung up for lower levels.

Yea thats problem im runnning into. The macro will work flawlessly for about 30 mins while questing then completely lock. When it locks the only thing it will do is send the pet to attack. Whenever I run Stockades I am top dps and everytime I get to the last boss the macro locks completely. I have to log out and back in to even get it to work. When it locks I cant even click any buttons on my hotbar.

I think it probably depends a lot on how exactly the macro was written and the class and spec. I haven’t experienced any serious issues on my alts. But then again i don’t pay that close of attention to them either since they’re leveling. Plus i write a lot of my own macros, and i usually try to write them in the simplest way possible to avoid these kinds of issues. @rolltide73 If you would like, let me know what class and spec and i can take a look and writing something very basic for it that would work for most of your leveling process. Or maybe someone else has already written one?