Macros not performing any actions in game

Starting last night (1/16/22), anytime I press my in game macro, no actions are performed. I do not see any actions trying to execute. I tried disabling all addons except for GSE, deleting the data and backup files from the WTF folder, reinstalling the addon, loading the addon from a backup.

This persists across all of my characters. I attempted to turn on debugging to see if I can see any errors but nothing would write to the chat. I am sure I am overlooking something simple but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Were you on the latest version?
Something has to be interfering with it.

I was on the latest version. Deleted and reinstalled from curse. I also copied the version I was using from my 1/8/22 backup and same issue.

What macro are you trying to use?

I was attempting to use your Destro Warlock macro which I have been using for a while without any issues ( I love all of your macros btw). I also tried to use my Enhancement Shaman Macro and Shadow Priest with the same results.

Could you make a short video of what happens? Make it easier to diagnose.

Do you have a program you recommend I use to record?

I ran a scan and repair on my Wow files and although no issues were found, my destro macro started working again. In case this comes back again, I would like to be prepared.

Sounds like an addon was causing file changes that could of broken something within gse if a file scan fixed it.

Thank you again for the quick reply and your assistance! I will see if I can narrow it down any further

not sure if helpful at all. but i have had issues with altaholic and tomtom . used them for years but lately they give me issues with some ui stuff in wow.

The first thing I would do is disable all Addons and test just GSE, If the problem persists then submit it to Tim’s GitHub page.
If GSE works fine then you’ll have to enable one Addon at a time till you find the one that’s causing the problem and go from there.

there been a new update to the GSE in last 12 hours. so maybe the issue you are having has been fixed. i say 12 hours, because that was the last time i did a curse addon update and GSE wasnt on the update list yet.

I think this definitely fixed my issue. I did a whole UI update and incorporated a few new addons and something was not playing nice.

This problem has not returned yet so hopefully everything is sorted o ut.