Macros stopped working

hello i need some help i use GSE on all my toons and today for some reason they stopped working on my hunter i cant even import new ones but macros all work as normal on other toons. Any ideas?

You have a corrupt Hunter Macro. You need to identify which one and delete it or after exporting your hunter macros individually run /gse forceclean and this will remove all hunter macros and you can reimport.

Note: I’m assuming you are doing this on your hunter - the /gse forceclean command will remove all macros for the class you are logged in as.

Have you been into our /macro folder in game and then into each character specific macro folder and deleted all the macros in there.
Then create new macro from /gse.

I would like some help if possible I have been using a few sub rogues macros most notably @John-Metz and lutechi’s both been working really good until I hit level 57 and level 51 with Lutechi’s in SL then stopped working altogether both only cast shadow step and thats it No backstab No eviscerate etc may cast shadow blades now and again and random covenant ability serated bone strike notably and one other covenant ability any ideas much appreciated