Mercurio's One Button Balance 9.0.1

I looked over Wowhead and Icy-Veins, downloaded some Weakauras and did some optimization on test dummies. The macro has the option to be especially lazy by focusing the tank in dungeons and this simply puts DPS on his/her target.

Updated 3/4/21



Multi-target (centered on character to be truly one-button)


I tried to optimize as much as possible while keeping it to only one button. Note that the new instantiation of Balance’s eclipse system makes this particularly difficult to optimize. I tried multiple solutions, but it turned out that basically ignoring it produced the best DPS for me. I hope someone finds these helpful.



Which talents are you using for this?

hello thank you for the macro seems to work well, but I don’t understand one thing what changes from singol to aoe? they look identical

maybe there is an error you have inserted starfall in the macro singol I see?

Should be in the macros, but the DPS related ones (level 15, 40, 45, and 50) are all the first column. The others aren’t DPS related so don’t matter (though I used columns 2, 3, and 3 for talent levels 25, 30, and 35, respectively).


@gamers, yes, they are really close. The multi-target ensures Starfall is always up by alternating one Starsurge between every Starfall. The single-target uses most of the Lunar Power on Starsurges, but throws in a Starfall every 3rd cast since Starfall is well tuned right now.
My logic was that even if there is only one target, using a Starfall as another DPS over time isn’t a huge loss over casting more Starsurges and if there are three targets or more in the huge radius of Starfall, it is a DPS increase to use it. Unlike the single-target rotation, Starfall won’t always be up, but casting it once in a while is probably going to be a DPS increase when I use it in dungeons, my primary environment for using these macros.
In the end, it is a pretty minor thing and you could easily just take the Starfall out of the single target version and be just fine.

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why i cant see the macro text? instead of /commands i see bunch text like “h2hyegjvOKhlYWiPcL8yrggjvOKhlYWiPcL8yrggLRqlhj16uXZdmITqdh2hSWij0C6I81mQ1mZ4f(nwV2REb(BHCLRjQ9jVY1KMW)vUU0uJbBndxab5kxNOgoSpw56omMpKlqexnyDBNDnqCF11eZ8Jbt1EUnVrkxNkEEGrSfA4W(GfgjvOOPlwS2REb(Bb9kxtmZVKQgNpVrkxN(C(Lhy0jTWLps61PINhyeBi9Kw4YZs2(KzHr0qPYPgzX6uXZdmInqFsxHZcJOPYpM” am i skipping smt or how do i use them :angel:

It’s very nice. But how can i put next target macro on this? Multi targeting is good but i have to press tab everytime.

Your MT one works fine, and I’m able to drag the icon from GSE to my action bar. However, the ST one does not allow me to drag its icon from GSE to teh action bar. I’ve even tried changing the prepress lines to those of the MT one, and other such things. No dice. I can’t figure out why it won’t let me copy the icon over to use the ST macro. Help?

I’m new to using these macros, but on the ST macro, I keep getting a message stating"Unknown Unit." I have my ms set to 500 and have matched the talents. Please let me know what I am missing. Thanks.

Otherwise, I love the way this works.


first of all: thanks for the macros!

I just got a short question. Isn’t it supposed to fire off 5 times Wrath, cast Sunfire and then cast 5 times Starfire, cast Moonfire?

Because for me it fires Wrath, Starfire, Wrath, Starfire, Wrath, Starfire, Wrath, Starfire, Wrath, Starfire, weaving Sunfire and Moonfire within that.

Kind regards c:

/cast sequence is and has been broken by Blizzard for a long time. But it works for some and not for others so your results my vary.

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Any one got some logs for this macro?

Hey guys, was wondering whether you can take good advantage of BOAT with this macro or which legendary you would recommend to run with this macro? Quite new to balance druid, so sorry, if the question seems stupid :slight_smile:

how do i get Starsurge to be the top damage dealer? its not the top in this macro.