Mercurio's One Button Brewmaster 9.0.1

I looked over Wowhead and Icy-Veins, downloaded some Weakauras and did some optimization on test dummies.



Multi-target (centered on character to be truly one-button) - updated based on @AbortedShadow and @the_mickeyduece feedback


I tried to optimize as much as possible while keeping it to only one button. I hope someone finds them helpful.



thanks for your work :+1:

I’m assuming your intro is copy pasted, since generally speaking brewmasters are the tanks.

I’ll give your macros a try and give you some feedback!

Alright, so I actually REALLY like how your macro paces and keeps up with Rushing Jade Wind, almost a 100% uptime and zero overlaps, much better than my setup so well done there!

In terms of a one button lazy Brewmaster macro, this one is well done! Dont forget about your fortifying brew though.

The only thing I would change is maybe taking out the nochanneling part of the macro if you could (I know you may be using an azerite trait that may require channeling) But this suggestion is because of the way spinning crane kick works. You can actually cast an ability towards the end of the ability, and it wont cancel the damage from SCK, the damage still happens. Doing that allows you to squeeze in another ability during the GCD, more abilities means more damage!

Im actually just throwing out my macro at this point. Yours performs wayyyy better. Just gonna try without the nochanneling stuff and take out the summon ox and use that from now on! Seriously great job man.

Going to test 5 minutes with the nochanneling and 5 minutes without and get back to you with those results. Who knows it may mess up the timing of the macro!

Tested the macro. There is a slight performance boost for the AoE macro without the nochanneling, and none for the single target (No Spinning crane kick anyway)

@AbortedShadow yes! Good catch! I was posting a bunch of these after doing a few days work on all of them and missed that mention about the tank. It is fixed now, thanks!


@AbortedShadow, as to your longer comment, thanks!

I was most happy with how this macro turned out. It took quite a while to get everything optimized. I’m glad it is working well for you.

And thanks so much for your input on “nochanneling”. I didn’t know that about Spinning Crane Kick. I’ll take those out of the multi-target version and re-post it.

By the way, I was torn about leaving out Fortifying Brew, but it felt bad putting something that is on a SIX MINUTE cooldown into the macro. I figured that would be the one thing I’d have to manually manage when I knew the incoming damage was going to be truly horrible.

I really appreciate your help in optimizing it further!


Yeah no, it works almost perfect for me. I just figured if you wanted a truely 1 button macro, maybe you wanted to do a shift, ctrl or alt mod for it, thats all!

Any idea why I can’t import the 2nd (multi target) macro? The 1st one imports fine, but the 2nd one keeps giving me an Unable to import macro error. Using the latest version of GSE 2.6.28.

@Dmonlord_1947 Sorry man, was operator error with the upload. Should be good to go now!


Another hit Mercurio, well done macro!

I know some use fortifying brew when ever but i mostly use it in a “oh shit i’m dying/taking to much damage” scenario. Brewmaster’s don’t have defenses besides stagger “if you even call it that” unlike other tanks do.

i don’t use spinning crane kick if i go with rushing jade wind talent. i do well in threat with just RJW, besides its not the tanks job to dps, its survival, can’t get anything done with a dead tank or a tank that loses threat. :stuck_out_tongue: BUT i will give your macro a try at least. im not that cold hearted unlike my death knight.

@Mercurio what speed are you firing this?

@Vynivas Thanks, didn’t think about being OK with just RJW. I know Blizz just buffed all tank threat on the Shadowlands beta a day or two ago since some DPS were pulling off the tanks.
And I’m glad your monk is more warm-hearted than your DK!


@the_mikeyduece I’m firing this off as fast as my fingers can spam my keyboard! (So pretty slow compared to anything you’d use with an automater).

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Cool :smile: Just checking. After reading some of @AbortedShadow’s posts, I’ve started to slow my speed down on some of these. Trying this one out now, gonna hop in a some lvl mythics in a bit :smiley:

Firing pretty okay for me at 100ms

Update on my testing: Im going to add Jade Serpent Wind to a few more parts of the macro so I can try to get it higher on uptime. In dungeons its not always able to fire off since there’s a lot of movement.

Dps was low at 100ms for me. I went to 0ms and dps is up, jade wind etiehr falls off for like 1 sec or refreshes at 1-2 sec. Shuffle stays constant. Always uses purifying brew leaving 1 charge incase of big dmg.

@the_mikeyduece Thanks for adding this info. Since I don’t use any kind of hardware or software click automation, I can’t offer any advice on MS settings, so I appreciate you sharing what you’ve found. I’m sure others will find it useful.


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:smile: Ya i just add my exp to maybe aid in development of macros that I don’t make :smile:. I hope it helps. And I never mean it as a repudiation of anyone. Just figure that the more information there is for a gr8 macro can only help :smiley:

I dont know why, It keeps telling me “Unknown unit”. please help :frowning: