Might be Time to split GSE2 and GSE3 Macros on the forums

@Lutechi -

it might be time Time to split GSE2 and GSE3 macros on the forums.

Within a few weeks people will/should be posting macros exported in GSE3 Format that will not work in GSE2. Mothball them like old Patches imo.

Also might be a good idea to split Classic / TBC / Retail - Maybe a Homepage with Icons to take people to the right areas for the macros they are looking for. Atm everything is lumped together and very chaotic.



I second this! 10char

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Classic and Retail are already split. GSE2 is not supported but GSE2 macros will import into GSE3. If someone wants to import a GSE3 macro into GSE2 - Good luck to them.