Missing Icons from bar

Two days ago I noticed that on my alt server my macro icons were missing from the bar. Naturally, I just went and re-created the icon and then dragged it down to my bar and continued to play. Nothing strange happened during the session and I logged out for the night.
The next day I logged on and noticed that once again, the macro icon was missing from the bar again. So I spent the rest of that day trying everything I could think of to fix it. Then I tried every solution I could find on google to fix it. Just this morning I finally just decided to reset everything.
It’s still happening. The icon goes poof, I re-create one, play a little to see if it works, log out and then log in to find the icon gone from the bar again like I never created the icon.
The macro is there, just no icon created even though I had created it.
I’m at my wits end with this and almost resigned to just creating one every time I play, but I hope someone in here can help me.
Edit: After resetting my UI it is now doing it on all the servers I play on. I’m going to go rip my hair out now.
UPDATE: The problem seems to have fixed itself by either me not letting the preloaded macros load after reinstallation of GSE after the wipe or switching to Overwolf from WoWup. If someone is having the same issue this is the only clue I can give. Happy Holidays (not PC just covering all bases LOL)

That is very strange, sorry to hear.

That only happens to me if I position something inside an arena or torghast. After leave the instance they will disappear, sounds like you are in like a twilight zone but is 2020 so everything is possible.

No kidding. 2020 has just been one big Pikachu face. Makes me miss 2019 which was only a Picard facepalm year. Anyway, strangely enough, my problem seems to have fixed itself as long as I don’t load in any of the preloaded macros or it might have been after I switched to Overwolf from WoWup. Either way, it’s fixed and I’m not touching it LOL.

This always happens on my hunter now. IDK how to fix it and it can be frustrating cuz i have a couple of macros under her. Like 5 cuz im testing them for dps. When i log into game the icons are gone and then im struggling to remember what ones they were. I had this happen to me on a mage back in BFA. But now it seems my hunter caught it.

I would check for an addon confliction somewhere.

Speaking of addons. There’s one called Action Bar Saver that might help.