MMA Arms Raid/M+ Updated 22.05.24

Optimized Macro and moved Colossus Smash/Warbreaker to Cooldown Macro. Now Single and AOE are the same for both specs.

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made a run today, worked quite well

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Are you able to combine these with like 2 macros? My mouse only have 2 buttons, lol. Like some to be called with CTRL or Shift, etc. Thanks

Hi, you can setup modifiers easy by yourself, just create a button on the bar with shift,alt,ctrl and the key you use for the main macro

please update for season 4 :smiley:

updated single target macro and m+ talents

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Sweeeeeeeeeet !


@mma Hi there im a bit confused on how to run this maccro is it a button for each type of action? Thank you so much for you hard work by the way!

for each macro you need to setup a button or modifier in wow

However if I may ask for my fellow arms warrior. The cooldown macro should be used precombat or whenever it’s ready according to my weak aura prompts?

I also want to add that I’m super grateful of this macro and GSE I’ve lost 4 of my fingers at work and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to game anymore but this addon and all the people making amazing macros and working hard to make it happen gave it a second life for me!


cd are used when you need them. normally they used when they are ready.

if i may ask why is cleave not included in the aoe macro?

have added extra macro for m+ aoe with cleave