MMA Augmentation DPS Update 25.02.24

i have adjusted the ebon might macro to reduce the clipping

Does it effect the macro if we change the German to English?

verflochtene fäden

The spells should be translated by GSE automatically, if not you need to do this

This is not always true. I have to translate spells in macros in the blocks below through the wow head. :pensive:

I’m getting some massive gaps in the second macro rotation, as far as I can tell I have everything set correctly. 150ms and I’ve tried with and without keypress macros on my mouse. I’ve changed accessibility to press and tap. The gap is inconsistent and can last many seconds.

So after some extensive testing, it seems to hang when Eruption is on cool down. it’s late here so will do some more testing tomorrow.

To fill the gap i have added living flame after both empowered spells. its important to only use the second macro when ebon might is active. when you use the empowered spells without ebon might, you will end up with a large downtime.

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Have updated the ebon might macro to have less downtime when both empowered spells and eruption are used

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cant load talents, says invalid code

imported again from wowhead, try again

samething, failed to import loadout. That seems to be a pretty short import code compared to others I think.

then try to import this from wowhead directly, maybe that works

i guess im confused where am i looking for these names and which party memebers go in the slots …whats the name currently there that im replacing so i know what to look for

what are these 3 spells or names

You dont have to anymore with patch it does buff auto select to target dps as priority

The only Issue I have is it freezes on Fire Breath. trying to find a solution for that. It doesnt freeze all the time. like after 2 rotations is freezes unless I let go of the macro and let it fully charge. I did set the setting to Press and Tap. im also at 150ms

with freeze you mean it is casting fire breath without executing it?

I had an issue with Fire Breath as well I fixed it by changing the macro to English words in the macro it is something like FB,FB and then a German word I would guess for Upheaval changed the German word into the English one and changed the FB german word into FB in the Upheaval section fixed it before it would try and cast Fire Breath but never fire it off even after changing to tap instead of hold in options

Yeah the animation start but then just cancels

not able to reproduce this issue, sorry