MMA Frost Raid/M+ Ready for 10.2

you need to add that spell into the aura and when having the sound to press a spell?

when you hear bam, you use howling blast. with this you dont need to watch the icon all the time.

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and which spell/ability you have selected as trigger?

look 5 post above, its rime

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thanks I tried in a key its working fine, you just need to be careful to open cd’s and the howling blast

A shift modifier for howling blast would be ace.

Edit: oops! solved!! hahaha

That is not the talent code you are importing. Talent code is not that long.

A confirm this macro works well. Did a full normal clear on my dk yesterday.

thank you! my problem is solved!

is there a guide on how to add a shift/alt modifier for howling blast?

You can go into your key binds in wow and add a shift “whatever the button your macro uses” and put howling blast on it

ST version doesn’t use Glacial Advance, is this intended?

Hey Saulty! :slight_smile:

Glacial Advance isn’t part of the ST rotation.

cheers! (Y)

having an issue where remorseless winter and glacial advance takes ages to be pressed, any ideas?

You say that, but my Raidbots says it is, if it is talented.

typically you don’t use glacial advance in st, as your spender should be on frost strike instead.

however, if you would like to use it :slight_smile: add a new line in to the macro and add glacial advance and trial it, if it doesn’t cast as often as you’d like, put it a second :slight_smile:

Frost Strike is for single target, glacial advance for AOE. Dont put both in the macro, because they both use the same resources.

some stats for the macro.
Does very well ilevel vs dps.

Which DK in the list are you?

I’m not in the list. Not sure why.
From the graphic you can see I pulled 123k on the fight which would have been top 3. It is this way with my other characters. Some show up and some don’t even though based on damage and ilevel they would rank.

when you upload a log as private or unlisted, it will not show up in the rankings