Modifier:Shift - Doesn't work

Gooood day!

I’ve been using multiple Macros for the past months.
one thing that has always gnawed at me is that Shift has never worked for me as a modifier.

I’ve gone through the usual of making a keybinding with Shift/Ctrl/alt of the button that I am using to eliminate the possiblity that it is trying to use something different.

but there is nothing using Shift+0 or Shift+9 (originally there was special actionbar function bound to it, but no longer)

So I’m creating this thread to see if someone might know of an outside or alternative reason to why the modifier doesn’t work.
I’ve always just changed the macro to use Alt or Ctrl instead of the Shift button.

but if anyone has any idea, it would be greatly appreciated.


Check all of your keybindings in wow as shift will almost most defo be assigned to some keybindings

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