Monk Fail

I have made 2 macros, one for my druid and one for my DH. I have made another for my monk, but absolutely NOTHING I do makes the macro work. She must be cursed. Right now, I just have a list of spells to use, figuring I would make the actual macro if I can ever get the add-on to recognize her. She can’t edit anything, make any macros (I have my DH make them for her), and she can’t run them when they are loaded. Hitting the key does nothing at all. What am I doing wrong with her… only her?

Sounds like you have a corrupt macro left over from 7.3.5 or the addon is not enabled for your monk.

My addons are enabled for ALL. I have removed all of her macros from the /macro. I can access /gs on her and see everything available, but cannot edit, make new macros (both record and typing them in). I try to save and it says it saves, then I close and the gs window closes and when I open it back up, the one I saved is not there. I never remove old macros unless I run out of space on my characters, but since I did clear her macro box, I would assume that would be good, right?

No the stuff in /macro is a macro stub. All it does is try to press a 1x1 pixel button that GSE creates and programs before combat. Your GSE Sequence is how that button is configured. If there is a corrupt GSE sequence removing the /macro entries won’t change the situation.

If you search here for macro won’t import you will have the notes on the problem and what to do about it.

Mine turned out to be a corrupt WTF file. I removed it and restarted WoW, re-did all of the macros in /gs and all 3 are good. My monk’s file apparently was corrupt. Thanks for your help…

I know to keep copies of the macros for such cases, thankfully.