Monk Lvl increment macro's

Hello all. First time poster to GSE. Having some issues with the One button macros, so that is to be expected. My Question/Issue is that there are no macros for each group of lvling. i.e: lvl 10, 15, 20 ect. I can understand that time and expenditure for this is a constant, but a ref to the [ at time of posting ] what the skill will or wont show a timer is also something i am missing… tried the lvl 30 Monk BM macro and it would just hang with a big ? and no icon, even after the skill was done with CD. Am I missing something here. Tried some of the forums and did not find answers.

If you are familiar with the class, you can edit any macro you find here to remove skills that your character does not have access to yet. They generally show up uncolored in the edit window in game.

You can also temporarily disable entire action blocks with a simple check box in GSE.

I know it’s not always easy to know what to mess with or not, and I myself have been incredibly grateful to the community here for creating macros that help me ease into new classes after a very long break from WoW. Just try and poke around in the macro editor to get a feel for what it it trying to accomplish, you can’t break something that doesn’t work after all.

Best of luck!

Thank You…

I have been doing just that, mod’ing the actions, some get hung up and do not advance.
Also, is there a way to set up the macros where it will time out if not used while still in combat?
I have noticed some have a reset/clear when out of combat.
Is there a post that will help me understand the steps better to just load a macro… i have one from here that just seems to not be loading and that i am just missing something…

Thanks again…

Forgot to add… I just hit lvl 39 and i see most of the macros will work when I hit lvl 45… Ugh i am so slow!!!

Honestly, just do the boat scenario for 1 through 10, timewalk WoD (drop the portal quest before going through to skip straight to garrison building) for 10 to 20-something, and jump over to Legion for a quick ride to 50. You can just button mash the whole way on most classes and those are all flying mount unlocked.