Morb DW Unholy no Scourge Strike updated 12/7/2022 Fourth raid parse ////// Scourge Strike test added

Im having an issue where the rotation is casting blood boil even without shift being held down, is this on purpose for some reason?

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In any case, we look forward to the results. By the way, there is also no good maros for frost here, so it would be great to see a frost macro from you. Also, it’s still a mystery - which macro in theory can work better in logs, frost or unholy. Because in the long run, I would like to choose the spec in which I could achieve the best logs.

there is a good frost macro Frost DPS Based on Toxin's Blood Macro

just to need disable d&d and rune strike


I can most definitely make my take on a frost rotation macro, I would be following the priority system from wowhead as well as the dk discord. I will make a post in the frost thread this week and test it in heroic dungeons first like i did this unholy macro. Any and all suggestions as i post and tweak the frost macro will be greatly appreciated.

Raid for me starts in 1.5 hours still potentially going frost tonight but if not i will post the unholy macro logs from tonight’s raid for yall , so that you may see the difference in damage output scaling with gear. Hopefully no dumb deaths on my parts either XP

blood boil is always a dps increase over blood strike unless you do not have the desolation buff up. This is intended and based on the current damage priority system for morb dw unholy no scourge strike.

What should not be firing is pestilence unless you hold the shift or ctrl key depending if you changed it to a button that suits you better. I will repost the GSE macro string to import tonight incase i incorrectly uploaded an old sequence i was testing

that does work! I think i can make sequence one do that and allow sequence two to stay as it is to manually control it. Great idea though! ill add that to this weeks update

Ok everyone tonight i cleared naxx as Frost BUT… I did Maly and 3 drake sarth as unholy with the macro.

I swapped to scourge unholy for VOA and did notice a nearly 1k dps increase it feels like. Currently i may not have the haste for morb but during raids morb is chasing my guilds scourge unholy dk pretty close dispite the trinkets and weapon disparity.

Here are the logs

hey budd, love the macro, did you happen to use a macro for the scourge build or no? just wondering. ty cya around

I did not use a macro for the scourge strike build but I think I can make one sometime this week and test it. I’ll label it in a new unholy thread once I’ve made one with some decent numbers from testing

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Yeah i made a mistake heh, because im not using perfect weapons atm ive got a slow mainhand which puts bloodstrike up above bloodboil. so ive edited the prio for the meantime until i get a fast mainhand sorted

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Slower main hands are better until you get last laugh or hailstorm if I recall. The only reason why im using a slow mainland atm as morb is because I don’t have any better options yet.

Plus with all the haste we get I still have sun 2 second main hand speed. With a faster weapon I dip below 1 second almost which really makes necrosis and blood caked shine.

If you can the e on blade revered 1 gander with grass cutter from badges is a decent combo until you get naxx weapons or Malthus weapons for the morb no scourge strike build.

But double last laugh is currently bis for orcs or doubly angry dead/ hailstorm if non orc

you need delete all your Shift Strg alt Keybinds fore the mods

I have been testing the macro and without a doubt it is one of the best on the page but I am having some problems and I would like to know if it is only happening to me. The rotation usually starts correctly but the second death and decay does not usually drop when it should, instead other abilities are brought forward often throwing the rotation off balance and leaving the enemy for some time without diseases etc… Any advice to solve this?

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As we can see, frost spec works better in a macro. My task now is to improve my logs. My whole guild has golden and purple logs. I have barely purple. I am currently exploring options to improve these logs.

What frost macro are you using ?

it may be in priority vs sequential. priority when applied follows the priority to the best of my ability in the macro but will move on if no runes available no matter what.

sequential however does hold runes for about .5-1 second when dnd is needed. Sequential is the best variant i have been able to make currently.

I have however found that sometimes when pestilence shift key is succesful the following blood boil and or bloodstrike may still try to fire and can cause the macro to fall out of sync slightly. If done constantly i did find it can and does throw the sync off. But the macro does try to re-adjust and correct itself with the cast sequences i have in place. The castsequences are forced to follow the sequence to a degree that is strong enough to get your rotation back on track.

I do not tend to use pestilence often unless it is a boss fight or larger trash pack where mobs survive for atleast 10 seconds otherwise the dot tick and wandering plague procs dont have enough time in my opinion to do worth while damage. Wandering plague however is based purely off your crit% so if you have low crit wandering plague almost never procs.

I have yet to post a frost macro yet, it’s in the works but once i feel confident enough that it is atleast as efficient as this unholy macro i will post it in the frost page.

I also have had request to do a scourge strike variant all of which i will try to work on over the weekend as time allows.

I will be doing the Scourge strike macro first then i will work on the frost macro as the unholy side I’ve already gotten a core functionality working, I’'m at the point of fine tuning scourge strike cast count and disease timing.

Also still testing blood boil vs blood strike with the current gear set up i have to see whats more optimal. I do believe blood boil is going to be the winner due to its shear dmg output even on 1 target compared to blood strike.

new logs update 11/25/2022

hi. in general awesome, but so much staff to using in burst. Could you add block with Coil? I understand it lead to dps lost, but, at some ancounters so much staff, so its a best way to play on them.

Thanks for the updates Sargis you rock man. Is top of thread most updated macro you are using?

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yes typically i Keep that updated always and ill also make another post in the thread with the update as well so that it can be found in two places