Morb DW Unholy no Scourge Strike updated 12/7/2022 Fourth raid parse ////// Scourge Strike test added

Which version did you use that gave you good parses?

Parse with Ilvel 178 of course if you look at global parse it’s green but when you look closer how you parse according to your ilevel it’s mad

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What version are you using?

Version 2 for me it work best since i prefer to have control of my Death Coil

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What MS were you running it at? Did you follow the opening rotation (cooldowns) before you starting using the macro or popped the CDs during macro use?

I’m happy to see results are coming along for you guys. I’m once again Mia as I am moving. You might not hear from me again until the second week of January as I get my family sorted and work set back up.

It’s been a blast and I can’t wait to see what we create for 2023!!!

Yes keep clicking or if you use a key toggle that’s it. On for combat off when not in combat. It’s personal preference. I did make these with Corsair, razer, and Logitech toggles in mind as that seemed to be what most people were using.

You can spam click this with whatever keybind you want, just be prepared to have time tired fingers as unholy rotation is almost constant with minimum downtime. Depending on build as well such as evil face you might not have any downtime what do ever.

I have a set ms in the macro unless it’s been changed, I don’t recall the exact ms as I’m not home currently working. But if you go into options on gse you’ll see the ms fire rate option.

I tested quite a few Ms rates and chose one that baselines with the most efficient fire rate

I did run into a sequence error on my end as I got an error stating my macros when compiled are too large. I’m attempting to diagnose it but I think we are nearing the limit of what gse can do rotation wise with all of these variables in our rotation for unholy.

I have attempted to make a second set of macros to improve upon this issue but it further increases the failure error.

For the time being I will attempt to adjust what has been made already without drastic changes to prevent you guys from receiving this error.

Currently I believe these most current iterations are the best I’ll be able to create with y’all’s assistance and suggestions.

Thanks - I bound the macro (Morb #2) to my Naga at 250 ms and I’m having success with it. One thing that seems to be an issue is getting my plague strike dot onto the target. Frost strike lands very quickly (within 5 seconds) but plague strike takes about 15-18 seconds to land. Once it’s on my target the macro does a good job of keeping it on. I’ve tried adding another plague strike to one of the cast sequences in the macro but it still is troublesome. I’m also struggling to use the shift modifier for Pestilence - it’s just not working.

Anyone else having these issues?

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I had an issue like this for me, i had so set to 325 ms, too quick was missing some tricks

I’ll have to double check the pestilence side and see why it may not be functioning. I may need to increase its priority in firing when pressed. Currently i believe since i have the two key press and key release variables in place they are out weighting the hold shift key to fire pestilence.

If that is the case i’ll need to add it as a variable press instead of a hold based on priority. Should be a simple fix once im back and able to adjust things

Tested it and it works great keep up the good work,

One suggestion is to remove scourge strike which i did and my dps increased due to dewth and decay

plague strike you mean? interesting.

Just coming back to the game and finishing lvling my DK. 72 atm, currently the macro doesn’t seem to work for me. Just shows stuck on rune strike. Could this be do to me not being max lvl currently or did I do something else wrong. Any help is great. Thnx.

when you’re not max level you have to delete the ranks in the code because the code is made based on max level abilities

That was sure it, im an idiot. Thank you

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Any changes with Ulduar patch we need - I tried the removal of scourge/plague strike for more DND which seems to work well for AOE fights but ST with less deathcoils seems to be a trade off . How are people liking changes? Any playstyle tips?

You’re welcome!for unholy unless your speaking on scourge strike which I haven’t perfected no changes. However since death coil is more important I will change death coils priority to be casted more often as theirs no need to pool rp for gargoyle anymore. Mainly since they made Gary function dynamically but heavy emphasis on staying in unholy stance until gary respawns otherwise he will lose the 15% haste if you change to blood stance after casting.