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Can we make a macro that casts soothing mist then vivfy, sequence one i’m guessing without modifing it ?

Yes. I’m not sure why so many people are saying we can’t macro soothing mist into anything. This is currently what I’m testing out:

/cast [@mouseover,mod:ctrl,channeling: Soothing Mist] Vivify; [@mouseover,mod:alt,channeling: Soothing Mist] Enveloping Mist
/castsequence [@mouseover,nomod,nochanneling: Soothing Mist] reset=target/2  Soothing Mist
/cast [@mouseover,nomod] Renewing Mist

Seems to work so far. I think the problem people were having was not having soothing mist in a reset castsequence. With the conditional, it wouldn’t start channeling on someone else until the channel was over for the current target. Renewing Mist will interrupt it, but you want to be putting those out anyway. If you wanted to make Vivify into the sequence without a modifier, just use:

/castsequence [@mouseover,nochanneling: Soothing Mist] reset=target/2 Soothing Mist, Vivify

You might have to tinker with the reset value depending on your gcd/lag/haste, but that’s not hard to figure out what works and what hangs. Take out the @mouseover conditional if you don’t want that.

Hi, the reset=3 does not work currently.

Yes, it does. The purpose of the reset=2 isn’t to say “cast this spell every 2 seconds.” The target in reset=target/2 makes sure that you can easily mouseover any target and start channeling soothing mist. Otherwise, you won’t start channeling soothing mist on the new target until the channel is completed or canceled on the previous target. The 2 in reset=target/2 lets you freely interrupt soothing mist with renew, but won’t make you stand around like an idiot waiting for the macro to pick the spell up again. 2 seconds is plenty, with the current GCD, to get a renew in without wasting any cast times in with the macro. I’ve tried it on all of my monks (I play on a lot of different servers) with and without the 2 in the reset conditional. With it, the macro runs smooth. Without it, the macro hangs while it’s trying to cast renewing mist constantly until it gives up and goes back to the spell that has no CD.