Mouse tool tip flickering

Good morning. I’m having an issue and have searched here and also on google but couldn’t find an answer. I’m hoping someone on here might have a thought or suggestion.

I have a level 50 DK that I haven’t played in a long time and pulled it out and started playing yesterday. I’m using an AHK script running at 100ms which I use for all of my other toons with no issue. I was using Elfyau’s Blood DK macro. When I’m in a battle, my mouse will flicker the whole time and I’m unable to move my character while engaged in a fight.

I swapped out to another Blood macro and changed my talents to what the macro specified and same issue. I swapped out to another AHK script and same issue.

I’ve tried the AHK scripts with my other alts and no issues.

Anyone have any thoughts on what might be the issue?

Appreciate any help. Thank you!


I changed my spec to Frost and used a Frost DK macro from here and no issues. I’m using dual wield on Frost and a 2H axe on Blood; so know it isn’t a weapon issue. It’s just very odd.

Figured it out after a lot of trial and error. Just in case anyone else ever has the same issue.

It looks like it was trying to use trinkets, which I don’t have any “on use” trinkets geared. I disabled that option in the macro and am no longer having the issue.