Multiple condition with spell name (clarification required)

ill start using those instead just to make sure. No point in writing in the variable to make it international if mods break lol

And ontop of that look like that also the comma between the ],[ is not correct it not hangs but is not the right syntax.

In italian i’m not traslating the mod: and the command is working, only the spell name have to be changed.

yeah the comma needs to go there

lol trouble with translation: need to go = need to go away or need to stay? :slight_smile:

maybe is reading it as an array so is ok either way?

according to evaluator (that it’s old) no.
have to be removed unless in later version Blizzard add some flexibility and accept also the ],[ syntax.

this is working:
/cast [nochanneling:Void Torrent][channeling:Mind Flay]Void Bolt

This is not working (malformed token)
/cast [nochanneling:Void Torrent],[channeling:Mind Flay]Void Bolt

no need to have [channeling:Mind Flay] That just tells wow its ok to cast if channeling mindflay. With or without that variable wow is going to cast if your channeling Mindflay

So this /cast [nochanneling:Void Torrent]Void Bolt is all that is needed. It tells wow dont cast if im channeling Void Torrent.

A side note dont always trust macroexplain its not completley updated and it dont recognize some syntax. An example is testing it with a macro using talent notalent variables it gives errors

the comma needs to be removed