Murder of Crows is working extremely well now

Just wanted to mention this because I’m using Murder of Crows and it’s a big DPS gain. Mobs are dying so fast now that there is no cooldown to worry about. DC and MOC alone with Dire Beast is Beastly.

It’s also very fun!


Try switching from MOC to Bloodshed and you’ll see the difference

Are you finding that the dps is worth it when mobs are dying quickly? How is it against bosses?

I want more pets, and visually MOC is very pleasing to see. I mean, the difference is a few percentage points at best between bloodshed and MOC, so I don’t really care. THe more beasts, the better :grin:

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Murder of Crows only downfall is against bosses - everything else is riding the gravy train

would you please share your talent tree?

Here are my talents. I’m doing extremely well in M+ to level 10 now. keeping up with the bursty crowds. But, I will soon need to take Tranq shot as interrupts are needed more often.



Just FYI,

I dropped MOC and went with a more passive build. I’m liking it. It’s working quite well with GP’s Mythic+ one button build.