MW 6.0+ Swap bars

Those macros are in test, as for now had great results over my expectations but they not perfect, nor i pretend they are.

Thanks to Chris that inspired me with his retribution/protection paladin macros.

actionbar 1 button 1:

#showtooltip Renewing Mist
/castsequence reset=0.3 Renewing Mist
/cast !Uplift
/cast !Thunder Focus Tea
/swapactionbar 1 2

actionbar 2 button 1:

#showtooltip Chi Wave
/castsequence reset=0.3 Chi Wave
/cast !Uplift
/cast !Thunder Focus Tea
/swapactionbar 2 3

actionbar 3 button 1:

#showtooltip Soothing Mist
/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=0.3 Soothing Mist
/cast !Uplift
/cast !Thunder Focus Tea
/swapactionbar 3 4

actionbar 4 button 1:

#showtooltip Uplift
/castsequence reset=0.3 Uplift
/cast !Uplift
/cast !Renewing Mist
/swapactionbar 4 5

actionbar 5 button 1:

#showtooltip  Surging Mist
/castsequence [channeling]reset=0.3 Surging Mist
/cast !Uplift
/cast !Renewing Mist
/swapactionbar 5 1

Purpose: Raid Healing
How to: Place your Statue, use wise serpent stance. Target a tank, use spam button 1
Tested: tested with 50ms interval on keyboard, tested spamming button 1 manually.

I’ve done P1 and P2 in LFR with only 526 ilvl on my Monk, largely topped the healing meter ( 1 holy priest, 2 holy pala, another MW monk and 2 druids in group with me).