My Balance Druid Wow Lazy Macro Contribution

I thought we could only have the THREE. WOW. Thanks!

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how can is et this macros? i dont know, i cant place this on macro? all the text

anyone have a good macro for Heal Affinity?

What exactly is your question here? If you are talking about the the large block of number, letters, and symbols, then you need to install the gnome sequencer enhanced addon in wow and then you can import the macro text there.

Im working on trying to control the application of dots to squeeze more dps out of this macro. Again this has been the best macro for M+ content up to +12 and my team is pushing +15 and beyond next week. Thanks again for this macro. Did you ever level your druid up to do tests at max level?

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Thank you for the kind words!

And no i havent leveled him yet, but he is coming next. I just got my second toon, my Demon Hunter to 60 yesterday and I might do a little gearing and playing around but who knows. I dont really like the DH tank and im not into the whole meta thing. I like the way Druid plays though so I will level them next for sure. I have been working on a DH Veng macro for leveling and normally face tanking i guess, but that is not how tanks are really played, at least not in Mythics, so the macro isnt that important. I might post my DH Veng macro after some more testing and tweaking for laughs or leveling DHs.

And Its been awhile since i have looked at the macro myself so I cant really give tips at the moment for dot applications. I did mess around with other Boomkin macros for another user, you can check them out maybe. One instead of the normal AoE rotation i just have it as dots and Starfall, Its pretty fun to play around with. I made it just for testing and because when applying dots to a target i used about 7 seconds of a 15 second window for dots and only had like 7 seconds to cast something else. That being said it seemed more beneficial to just apply dots to a target and switch and apply dots and switch and apply dots. Sunfire does AoE damage on its own and i think provides AP and Moonfire provides AP and if you talent it, could be a double hitter (but i think the other talent was better, but i cant remember at the moment). So yeah instead of worrying about those pesky single target spells and rotations it just applied dots only. You could play around with it for fun if you like.

Here is a link to that post for the testing AoE Boomkin Dot macro

What guild are you in? It is hard finding a guild that pushes m+

it doesn’t work for me, macro unable to be imported

which macro are you trying to import? have you double checked you copied all of the code?

Are there specific talents necessary to use these macros? (Yeah…ignore the question. It was answered importing the macros…DUH!!!)

I push with a dedicated group. We only use the guild to carry people through a key we wanna do.

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I do have a tip for this macro and Im playing around with it. Having the dots reapply at the start of shifting to starfire or wrath is suboptimal. When you get your legendary Balance of all things, which all boomkins run no matter what. The dot takes the spot of a wrath or starfire that could take advantage of the 5 seconds of increased critical strikes.

/castsequence [nochanneling,mod:Alt] reset=3 Starfire, Starfire, Starfire, Starfire, Moonfire; [nochanneling] reset=3 Wrath, Wrath, Wrath, Wrath, Sunfire

This is what I am testing now. I added more wraths and starfires because you want to keep dots up but the macro was reapplying them far too much taking up time that could be spent on a wrath. I might try doing it Filler, Filler, Dot, Filler, Filler but that might make it awkward dotting at the end of an eclipse.

I am not that familiar with wow macros or the language, but can anyone tell me the purpose of Reset=3 ?

I also entirely removed the ctrl button mod. Reason being when trying to cast your CDs and trinkets. Sometimes depending on haste levels convoke just gets canceled even when everything has the nonchanneling in the cast. I replaced it with a moonfire button because when you tab through other mobs to dot them with moonfire sometimes it will cast sunfire first instead of the moonfire that I want. I am considering removing [nochanneling] reset=target Moonfire, Sunfire, null and just moonfiring and sunfiring on opener so I am able to tab through targets and cast the singular moonfire on each mob that I want.

Yeah, that is great, tailor the macro to make it work for you! I made this macro as a person that has never played Boomkin before making this macro with a druid that was level 45. It is likely not optimized at all, it was just my attempt to make one for Boomkin. I know there is likely a few things to improve on and several things that should be changed/ tailored so it works best for people that want to use it. I dont do any high end stuff and just wanted something decent for a baseline so people had something that worked good and could build from there. Thank you for the criticism and ideas!

I removed the moonfire sunfire command on mine and I like it because if a mob dies, I can continue sunfireinf or wrathing on the next target which helps my AP fill faster. Yes my dots are only up at about 59 and 69% but I still get food damage.

It is to reset that castsequence if you havent touched that “button” in 3 seconds. What i mean with that is that it should be placed on a modifier or something otherwise the macro will “touch that button” repeatedly and it wont really reset, at least that is the theory behind it.

Yeah that is the thing, it is really hard to gate the dots. There isnt really a spell that you normally cast that isnt Wrath or Starfire so it all comes down to your haste and what not if you are making a truly lazy macro. like when you lust or something, if using a macro like

Then you will be reapplying the dots alot faster and really wasting the burst windows if you know what i mean. Optimal would be but with more works is to make a side macro that reapplies the dots automatically. you could possibly look into the click stop toolkit and see if you could get that to work properly.

Here is a link to start
And this could help too

It is likely the optimal way to go for a lazy macro and the dots. I no longer have time to invest in this macro, i spent like 5 day or more for hours on end learning the class and trying to figure out a way only to be held back by the rotation and class. So i had to look for another way and then yeah ended up in defeat and made the best one i could. I think it was then later that i learned about the two links i linked above and those could be helpful if worked in properly. I have yet to work with these tools myself though.

I think in theory it wouldnt be so awkward to reapply the dots, or at least the empowered dot at the end before the next eclipse. It would in theory squeeze the most dps out of that one dot. That being said you would then need to re write the macro so it doesnt apply it automatically in the next Eclipse but does apply the other being as it is now empowered if you know what i mean. It could be something to look into but probably not something that is so worth looking into being as you are likely more worried about an extra wrath or starfire, and the ap from the dots then the dot its self.

I only did it that way to get all of the instant casts out of the way and leave the rest for casts. But i never Simmed the macro so i never knew what was the higher DPS, it was only made in theory.

Once again, thank you for the criticism, and thank you for using the macro and hopefully you can boost it to something that will work amazing for you. If only Boomkin was as easy of a class as my Protection Paladin to make a macro for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah this is sorta something i noticed on my leveling Vengeance Demon Hunter, I tried making
/castsequence reset=target glaive throw, null
In my keypress and i noticed my macro would just stop and i would be only casting that when the mobs started dying and it was very sub optimal so yeah that was a extremely short lived macro line. This macro was made infront of a test dummy and never really combat tested, so tear it apart and rebuild it as it fits you best :wink:


Its actually a really good macro. It is by far the best when tweaked slightly. Example on single target dps I am getting around 4k-4.1k dps when I should be simming around 4.5k dps so on average depending on crits convoke and such I only lose at max 500-600 dps. and I really think it is all tied up in the dots. Doing a sim without any dots shows that dots make up ~700dps on their own. I am doing some testing today on a rotation without dots and all and if I get close to the sim I will have a better understanding of where the macro is lacking for sure, but I believe it is just the dots. If that problem becomes solved your macro the way I have tweaked it would help so many boomkins looking for the most optimal macro. If I do solve this issue for high level play I will message you directly. Currently testing on a ilvl 215 boomkin. Sorry I rambled a bit. I got excited.

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lol “rambled” have you seen my reply, its like 5 pages long. You are fine, and I really appreciate you taking the time to use the macro and make it better. When you have something that works great for you, make sure you post it to the community. Either that or we can make an edit here, thats up to you.

I wish that there was a more oppurtune time to use all of the instant casts besides in the 15 sec Eclipse window. I guess you couldnt maybe try and see how your DPS is affected if you were to apply them before switching to the next Eclipse. That way you would then need to only use your two Starsurges and then be good to spam only Wrath or Starfire. Your DoTs wouldnt be empowered then but it could be more optimal this way because you could then fit in more heavy hitters. I dont know, maybe give it a try and let me know if that is anything.

I messed around with the /click pause and something is not right there. Even though I had it /click pause 22 for moonfire, it would not reapply moonfire after 22 seconds. It was reapplying after about 50 seconds and sometimes longer. It may be something with the main macro and how it rotates is my guess. I ended up puttin gmy dots on the ctrl modifier and started testing on the best time to reapply them. Seems my DPS is up about 200 reapplying them myself.

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