My Balance Druid Wow Lazy Macro Contribution

just tested it on the dummies it seems really good thanks for your sharing both singol and aoe. i will try it in dungeon raid, i am using version 1 of both standar macros without any modifier i let the macro run as it is written, manually pressing me mouse button set to 100ms manually

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This Macro is amazing. I exceeded my sim off raidbots. I am blown away. I don’t know what else I can say. This is probably the best macro for balance if you want to be lazy and maximize your dps.

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is there a possibility of not having to press modifier for eclipse?

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Short answer no, not that im aware of.

A longer answer, several people have asked a question that has to do with this question, “is there a way for the macro to fire a certain spell on a certain proc”. The answer to that question as of my knowledge at this moment is still no there is no way to setup such a spell. you can try and work you way around that spell by possibly adding a certain number of spell on so you for sure know that spell 2 procs then you add spell 2, but that is not a for sure way in doing it either. The eclipse system could be very easy to build around if the spells had a cooldown you know, something that is set in stone and you could use them as a time gating system, but unfortunately they are all castable one after another with no cooldown system. that being said and being as there is a thing called haste, you cant just say cast 5 starfire then wrath because your character normally casts 5 starfire per eclipse. When the lust is popped or you get some more haste gear or a haste trinket goes off, then your whole macro is totally inefficient and you are casting starfire when its in the wrong eclipse or something you know.

Option 2, you could just add a line that casts starfire and one that casts wrath (there are already macros like this because people wanted to make them as lazy as possible). If you were to do it this way, you could never know which spell the game chose to cast and then you are casting the wrong spell in the wrong eclipse, thus dropping your dps significantly.

It is unfortunate that boomkins are made the way they are, it would be nice if you could cast whatever spell you want, i.e wrath for single target and for the one eclipse you can crit and the other you gain damage, but it is unfortunately not like that and to maximize your dps you need to play by the current boomy eclipse game.

You can do it as you like, and if that is how you like here is a macro you could copy and paste to make a new version.

Same macro but without key modifiers so it just casts what it wants (look in tab 3)

Click here for Macro


hello buenor look I just posted the separate macros for the solar lunar eclipse phases, under your advice without the modifiers at the end is a separate version of 2 keys instead of using modifier , could you take a look maybe , thanks for the suggestions

Here is a Link to my reply

hello, any weak aura?

I dont have any or havent really used them, but i know they could be very helpful for the Balance druid. I believe This Macro from @LazyTurtle_121949 has one in it to track everything but i could be mistaken. I know i seen one accidently when i was skimming macros for ideas for my macro.

If anything, and i know you already know this, you can go to the Balance druid weak aura page and get some good things from people that know what they are doing with weak auras. best of luck to you and sorry i couldnt be of more help.

Macros code has been re-posted being as it was accidentally posted as read only at first. Let me know if there are any issues.

Great Try @Buenor I have been leveling and gearing up a holy paladin this week. I did finally get a chance to try your macro, but its really hard to make a competitive dps macro with the balance druid with the way the class is.
Keep up the good work and thanks again for all your contributions.

Yeah, with the Boomkin it seems you either lose out of DPS or do more work, its a take your pick kind of thing.

Thanks, I tried my best and learned quite a bit along the way, well at least from Boomkins but also about macro building :wink:

I myself have tried to build macros, but I must say that I can not manage well the phases. my dps oscillates a lot to a good opening burst under cd, but most likely not having gear I do little. unfortunately I can not play activating modifiers mess up the game while you’re in combat.

My druid macros I built for myself have activating modifiers so I only have two macros, all you need to worry about is which eclipse you are in.

The macros I made for you, they dont have any modifiers and you have 4 macros your need to use instead of two. You can also change it to be 2 macros but you will lose out on dps, that is just the way boomkins are and it is up to you to decide how you want to play it.

I wish I could use like caps lock or another button as a modifier. I turned ctrl into a burst button that applies pots trinkets CA Berserking (because I am troll) and then convoke. I removed the macro casting starsurge to instead only cast it when I want to allowing me to also choose not only the ability to starfall on the fly or just ripping off 3 starsurges when an eclipse hit. I found doing this is a dps increase. I think the only thing holding the dps back is not controlling your dots which that is why I wish I was able to use other buttons as modifiers as a reapply dot button. Right now I left it as is because turning off the macro and reapplying dots is kind of a chore, but you can drop 200-600dps just on bad dot cast. Sad but Ill figure something out and when I do I will share!

Again very nice macro I use the one I modified for Heroic up to Denathrius and it’s fantastic. I came here to tell you what I have done with your project and to thank you again for putting together the building blocks for what I use now. Thank you very much. <3

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You could achieve this by using specifically left or right alt/ctrl/shift which gives you 6 modifiers, or you can combine them so it works when say both alt and ctrl are held. This list blatantly plagiarized from a blizzard forum thread:

[mod:lalt] left alt key
[mod:ralt] right alt key
[mod:ctrl] control key
[mod:lctrl] left control key
[mod:rctrl] right control key
[mod:shift] shift key
[mod:lshift] left shift key
[mod:rshift] right shift keyThese can be combined by direct concatenation into key AND key like this:[mod:altctrl]

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I thought we could only have the THREE. WOW. Thanks!

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how can is et this macros? i dont know, i cant place this on macro? all the text

anyone have a good macro for Heal Affinity?

What exactly is your question here? If you are talking about the the large block of number, letters, and symbols, then you need to install the gnome sequencer enhanced addon in wow and then you can import the macro text there.

Im working on trying to control the application of dots to squeeze more dps out of this macro. Again this has been the best macro for M+ content up to +12 and my team is pushing +15 and beyond next week. Thanks again for this macro. Did you ever level your druid up to do tests at max level?

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