my Current Vengeance macro on beta

Hello this is my first posting of a macro. I played with it a bit and this current version I am pulling a lot more dps. I am currently 101

Sequences['LiveTest'] = {
author='Deraj@Beta Leveling Realm 03',
helpTxt = 'Talents: 3300000',
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
"/cast Soul Cleave",
"/cast Soul Carver",
"/cast Fiery Brand",
"/cast Shear",
/cast Demon Spikes
/cast Immolation Aura
/cast Empower Wards
/cast Metamorphosis
/use 13
/use 14]],

Switching back and forth between 1234 and 1 12 123 haven’t confirmed what works best as of yet. Will test more when I get the chance. Hopefully will get to 110 for a full macro before the beta is finished. Been pulling 30-50k on 1-2 mobs and had up to 104k on a small group of 5 or so. Haven’t dummy tested yet.