My Macro and Builds I Really Use * Quick Fix 11/30/2023 * 10.2 UNHOLY PVP/PVE

Tnx for the macro , its worked smoothly with every build as first-timer with this class . I m wondering how you connect 2nd macro with CDS spells with rotation one macro , is there is option for that in GSE ?

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hey do you raid by chance if so do you use these macros?

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I dont even understand what you are are doing inthis macro

i see many different specs. along with 6? macros?

what are you supposed to do

Ah, my dear reader, if you peruse the sequence of edits and take in the essence of what he has penned, it becomes quite evident. The author generously offers an array of builds, their primary purposes thoughtfully explained. Fear not, for his macros seamlessly work with these builds, with no significant discrepancies to pose any concern.

As for the PvP macros, he has cleverly consolidated them into one, recommending the use of the PvP1. A wise choice, indeed.

Moreover, he thoughtfully elucidates the occasions when each build should be employed, providing invaluable guidance to the discerning player.


WoW! Thank You very much, for the kind words

for the pve macro, do i use deathstrike by myself? sorry if this is a dumb question
UPDATE: Nvm i figured it out i think

which talent build is best for M+

Hey man im completely new to dk and want to try it in pvp :smiley: Is all 3 macros still updated? rotation, burst, cooldowns? Or do you only use burst and then rotation?

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Original Post Updated and cleaned up, hopefully a bit easier to import and keep track of

Hey thx for the update.
When importing The PVP Cooldowns Macro im getting an error. Unable to import macro.
The others are importing fine.

do you use software or are you just clicking? i dont want to run this too fast if that’s not how it was written. thanks for the good work!!!

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good question, and i forgot to add the MS in my post. I will add the below to my original post

Key Press =
My Recommendation would be between 150ms - 200ms

I use a Razer Tartarus, and have Synapse set around 2
Which i am guessing runs around 200 ms This is my Favorite

I also us a Steel Series Keyboard. (Problem with mine is it is difficult to locate the software) the keyboard is over 10 years old, but man this thing is built, its heavy but handy with extra ports and so on, ALOT of Bells and whistles. you can record key presses or use the auto presses

I use Punch Key 7 as well:

You Can Read the below for some tips

You can also download Punchkey from below:

one last question, do you use festering strike manually or do you just not use it? talking for pve

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Original Post Updated!

maybe I am too stupid, but on most of topics, there are multiple talents strings or multiple macro strings and they have no exact mapping mentioned, its not important?

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@Enmity Hey, Just want to say this is the best pvp macro i ever seem. Thats been said, if i can ask, which classes do u play and make macros? im in love with ur work!

and one more question. Idk its just me but after this new version (11/25/2023) the cooldown macro isnt working anymore. if i press only the rotation macro its not using any cd from the cooldown macro.

ps: im srry if i wrote something wrong. Im still learning english.

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Tks, its working now! it seems its just not working with the burst but its fine i was playing without the burst macro until now hehehe. Tks brotha for ur amazing work!

Idk if u do macros to other class. But in case u do. i would love to have one macro for outlaw rogue (ur work is so amazing that i could even pay for it if u are want to. i hope u dont get offended by this. Im just impressed with ur pvp macro)

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The wife plays a rogue, i made one for her and her demon hunter Havoc. as soon as i get my DK squared away, i will post what i made for her.
The original burst some how got corrupted, i will add it under your first post. so its available till i can fix the original posts

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Many many tks. I already got 1.7 cr with ur macro. And probably gonna be able to get 1.8k so I can have that amazing elite set (my favorite between all elite sets so far on this xpec) and if get there will be because of ur work! So once again. Thanks.

I’ll be waiting for it the outlaw/havoc.

Hope u have a good game.

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gonna try out this, but… maybe my head is messed up… again but i see some cd macroes and a burst macro and 2 sets of talents that points to the CD / burst macro, and with epidemic… but no epi in the talents… am i missing something?
i also see this as a raid setup… do you have a m+ setup with defile?

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