My Macro and Builds I Really Use * Updated 09/19/2023 * 10.1.7 UNHOLY PVP/PVE

do you use software or are you just clicking? i dont want to run this too fast if that’s not how it was written. thanks for the good work!!!

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good question, and i forgot to add the MS in my post. I will add the below to my original post

Key Press =
My Recommendation would be between 150ms - 200ms

I use a Razer Tartarus, and have Synapse set around 2
Which i am guessing runs around 200 ms This is my Favorite

I also us a Steel Series Keyboard. (Problem with mine is it is difficult to locate the software) the keyboard is over 10 years old, but man this thing is built, its heavy but handy with extra ports and so on, ALOT of Bells and whistles. you can record key presses or use the auto presses

I use Punch Key 7 as well:

You Can Read the below for some tips

You can also download Punchkey from below: