Mythic+ Prot for Mythic+ - v.3.6 (UPDATED 02/15/23)

Ahhh get ya . thanks bud <3 love the macro so far <3

It’s hard to believe this macro is over a year old. I just loaded the icyveins talents in and fired it up. I tanked the golem dummy afk for 12 minutes without even losing a hp and with ilvl 485 gear. This thing is crazy good.

Thank you. I spend a lot of time on making my macros to be as efficient as possible. I haven’t played Warrior in a while so I’m glad this is still working well. I’ll remake it for TWW as soon as GSE hopefully works in the beta.


I am new to using GSE and I’m wondering if there is a macro available for mythic+ dungeons and another one for raiding? Does it have a built-in taunt or am I mistaken? I’m hesitant to pull or taunt away from another tank when using it. It has been amazing and has really helped me enjoy the game more. Please know your hard work is truly enjoyed by many others and allows us to see the content we would otherwise not be able to get to. Please don’t stop

VERSION 1: Main Tanking most content
VERSION 2: Removed a lot of cooldown items and revenge – meant for manually casting a lot
VERSION 3: Off-Tanking Setup

Use whatever version applies to you, your going to manually taunt anyway as its not in the macro.