Need help with AHK for my GSE Macro

Warning - I am not a smart guy when it comes to this stuff.

I read like 10 threads here so I wouldn’t have to post, but alas:

So I am a MultiBoxer and I run GSE Macros on my 1 key for all 5 toons. Just spam away hitting 11111111111111111…every single target GSE Macro is on my 1 key in all windows. You get the picture. Been doing that for 8+ years and I am getting serious carpal tunnel (being 50 doesn’t help either)… anywho, I think AHK might be my solution as I press the key and it repeats that press. It would literaly rescue me, as long as it isn’t bannable…but that is for another thread.

I have been to the Warcraft AHK site and I dont know what to do. I just want it super simple for it to work on my 1 key, where all 5 of my windows have the GSE Macro. So I hold down 1, all 5 toons run the GSE macro until the MOB dies and then my finger comes off the 1 key. Can anyone post the script I would use? Is this simple to do and ok to use?

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