Need help with small feral macro (Retail)

Hello everyone! I have questions about making a druid macro where I:
No combat stealth: Rake
Combat: Shred
Use: Tigers fury when available
Use: Regrowth and it procs for use in cat form.

Is there anyone that can help me figure out how to put it together?

Look at my macros, it does that. I can put in the code for Regrowth but its a DPS loss.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I have covid and its been kicking my butt, haha. I would absolutely love that! I need the heals due to low item levels, so my druid is a weakling atm. Is there a way to disable finishing moves though?

You could remove the finishing moves like Primal Wrath from the macro. I won’t remove them for you.

As for healing, because Regrowth proc is not on the GCD, keep it on a button on your bar and use it when it procs.