need help !

I am currently raiding highmaul with my guild I started with gladiator stance and was not producing numbers so I’m attempting arms. Here’s what I need help with

While using gnome seq. I am missing a lot of CDs and procs I tried spamming fast and timing key strokes and still other warriors with worse gear do 4-6k more per fight .

So they usually pull 20k+ I’m doing 14k

Am I doing this wrong ? Is the add-on junk because it misses CDs and procs?

I am trying macro toolkit but it seems local coding support has all went to gnome for community macros .

Is there still viable macro tool kit macros for the current wow version ?

Any help is appreciated as I need to figure out how to raise my DPs in 643 ilvl gear I should be putting out a lot more DPs than 14k

I use that glad gnome one posted here and i do 20k or more in 644 ilvl

More specific which one did you spam it fast ? Are you talking test dummy DPs ? Cause that is different than DPs on butcher for warriors

There are several gladiator macros which one specifially

And you can’t go by test dummy DPs, that’s stationary and usually scores higher due to no moment take into consideration raid moment and mechanics.

Thanks for your help