Need Help

I’m using this macro:

And the problem that I’m having is that the button that I have this assigned to on my bar does not show the spell’s as they are being executed, the button just stays at a “?”.

If I manually use Blade Rush (which has a 40sec. CD) I get that icon and the timer ticking down, or if I use Adrenalin, same thing, get the icon and timer ticking down.

But on a fresh login, if I don’t use the two above mentioned spells, there is no spell type indicator on the button as I’m using it, the macro seems to work but this is troubling, that there is no spell indicator.

It was suggested that I delete unused macros, well did that still no icons.

Also, and this is the most troubling part, when I join a dungeon run, the macro seems to stop working or is slow, just don’t know which, I usually have to do a quick, “edit–> Save–>close” and hope it works or just today, I logged out and back in again.

I have the most current GSE (as of today) but this was happening b4 today’s update.

Any ideas, help?

Today, the macro is showing icons.

any command that is not in a /castsequence will show the icon, as soon as the macro tries to cast something in the sequence it will show as a ?.