Hi all
I use this site as I love wow but really suck at pc’s and most on here has made some awesome macros that has served me well over time, I need really good one button macros for a Frost DK,Holy paladin and a Frost Mage

I don’t understand bar swapping at all and aint young enough to hit a lot of diff buttons in seq lols.
So please put up with an older dude that loves games :slight_smile:

Thanks to all that makes these macro’s as it helps a lot more people than just me.


And I know one button is suppose to be bad but I ain’t 20 years old anymore so my fingers a lot slower but I do enjoy the game and it keeps me busy :slight_smile:

Hey rhoth… you’re as young as you feel :slight_smile:

It still is effectively a one button macro. If you use the default UI you will see arrows next to you bars and it will cycle through sets 1,2,3,4 etc. Basically take you first macro and place it on a position on bar one. the /swapactionbar 1 2 command in the macro tells it to switch from Bar 1 to bar 2. So next you place your second macro on bar 2 in the same position as your first one, which can call on another bar or revert it back to bar one (EG /swapactionbar 2 1) so effectively you are still mashing one button but your bars are flicking between to macros. hope this helps.

ahhh thanks now it makes a little more sense, I tried putting them on action bar then on all the multi bars lols
the /swapmacro I put in the macro right?